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  • "I am the proud owner of one of Mikki's beautiful creations and I couldn't be happier. I often have people come through my house and there have been many favourable comments ..."
    Stunning Art Work
 About Me - Mikki

My name is Mikki Campbell.  I was born in Canberra Australia and more recently moved to the Gold Coast. 


I started painting when I was 14 for a couple of years until I was 16 when I was told “painting wasn’t a real job”. I gave it up until about 12 years ago when I started dabbling, did a landscape painting course and painted small and rather controlled little landscapes.

I have participated in many Art hobbyist courses and was fortunate enough to have a teacher who encouraged me to be wild, splash out, and loosen up! Today I do big art. (and some small! )Some of my art is abstract, colours design and texture vary according to my mood, spiritual state and finances.  I paint using acrylics (I am too impatient with oils) and psoca paint pens.

I paint because I love doing it, I am passionate about it. I carry an art journal with me to jot down my moments of inspiration, these can be a glint of water on rocks, imposing tree trunks and dead gnarled branches, the texture of sand after a wave leaves. I love visiting obscure galleries and checking out what other artists do and can be inspired by a certain brush stroke or lashings of paint. Then there are the times when I am quiet and just know what it is I need to put to canvas, I love those moments most of all. I believe that for me my spirit is the most important connection to my art and when I come from this place its when I produce my best work.

I love painting for others, I take their essence into my work and create from a space that knows and connects to them and again I produce pieces that are so very important to me and my relationship to them.



2008 - Canberra

Gold Creek Arts Fiesta

Plan 10th Annual Art Show

2009- Canberra

Gold Creek Arts Fiesta ( “People's Choice Award)

Cranleigh School Art Show

C3 Monash Community Art Show

2010 Canberra

Solo Exhibition C3 Community Art Space Monash

The Canberra Times Art Show March 6 – 13

The Smith Family & Queanbeyan Art Society Art Show Sunday 14th March

Solo exhibition Belconnen Community Centre May 17 to June 4

Queanbyan Arts Society Charity Exhibition City Walk  

2011- Canberra

Cranleigh School Art Show - Canberra

The Smith Family Art Show, Government House

The Canberra Times Art Show March 2011

2013 - Canberra

Queanbeyan Art Society Charity Art show Canberra City

Tuggeranong Arts Centre -  Art Exhibition

2014 – Gold Coast

Royal Queensland Art Society

September/October exhibition

2015 – Gold Coast Current

Royal Queensland Art Society (Group exhibitions)

Royal Queensland Art Society (2 artist collaboration)

Uniting Church Elanora Group Exhibition (received an award for highly commended)

St Hilda’s School Exhibition

Gold Coast Arthouse Exhibition Ashmore

2016 - Gold Coast Current

Solo Exhibition - Want Jewellery Southport

Solo Exhibition - Royal Queensland Art Society Broadbeach

Darcy Doyle Community Exhibition Mudgeeraba

Formal Qualifications


Certificate IV in Arts Administration

Blended Learning


Business Ventures

Art by Mikki established 2012

Process Paiting established 2016


Brisbane 2012 - 2013

Poppys Cafe Morningside

Xpresso Café Stones Corner